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Life Sciences

Designing the future for a healthier world.

In a constantly changing industry where novel viruses emerge and new treatments evolve, the need to manufacture products critical to a healthier world has never been greater.

Delivering at pace, with confidence.

At Wood, we help our clients accelerate the design, construction and qualification of their most complex facilities.

What we do

Advancing next-generation facilities.

We design with data, digital and decarbonisation at front of mind to build facilities of the future.

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Designing the future of lower carbon Life Sciences facilities.

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Where data and digital meet to unlock next generation facilities.

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What we do

Beginning with the end in mind.

Understanding unique project goals, we apply the latest digital tools and lean delivery concepts to bring projects to life.

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    Case study
    High containment lab design
    Case study of designing and delivering world-class high containment laboratories and infectious diseases units in Australia
  • undefined pharma-facility-for-saudi-arabia-1920.jpg
    Case study
    A world-class pharma facility for Saudi Arabia’s future
    When Pfizer needed a new manufacturing facility for the production and packaging of pharmaceuticals in Saudi Arabia, we partnered together with our client to provide a wide range of multidisciplinary services
  • undefined GettyImages-1189904571.webp
    Case study
    Enabling conservation and biodiversity of our oceans
    An estimated three billion people rely on marine fish as a food source. Such demand has spurred overfishing and fueled the growth of fish farms. The aquaculture industry is increasing the demand on wild fish stocks further, with 20% of all wild caught fish being used to make feed for farmed fish, and 75% of all fish oil produced going to fed farmed fish.
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